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Dillon vs 72 Hot Dogs, a true David & Goliath story!

First of all, I think we need a little background before we get into the biggest let down in the history of the BayFront Boys eating challenges. Joey Chestnut, the king of the hotdog scene, the king of competitive eating, ate 72 hotdogs in 10 minutes. As a punishment in a fantasy football league, the loser would have to eat 72 hotdogs over the course of a week. Hearing this, I proclaimed I could easily do it in 3 days, which I still believe. As I was riding this high, some of the guys were saying 3 days, so I got cocky and 3 days turned to 2 and 2 days somehow turned into “ya, I can eat 72 hotdogs in 24 hours”. With no regard for my body, we decided this challenge had to be done the next day, especially with how confident I was in myself that I could do it.

The next morning, I woke up around 8:30 feeling a little bloated from the disgusting eating challenge we did the night before, nonetheless, I made my bed- I had to sleep in it. The challenge was to be done that day, I hopped in my car and headed for Sheetz to get a good start on the hotdogs. I ordered 6 hot dogs from Sheetz and went to pick Braden up to get the rest from Walmart. I ate the first 6 as we shopped for the rest, and they weren’t bad, the first two were delightful actually. To my dismay, Sugardale hotdogs were dirt cheap at Walmart, now if you have ever had a Sugardale hotdog, you may understand. But, when I say Sugardale hotdogs are the worst I have ever had, I mean it. We bought 66 hotdogs for $7, yes, you read that right, 66 hotdogs for $7.

When we got back to Braden’s we decided to throw them in the oven to try to cook as many as possible. My first mistake was eating the 6 while we were shopping, my body had enough time to think “hey, I’m full”. Second mistake, Sugardale hotdogs. The first couple hot dogs were okay at best, but I didn’t imagine how salty they were and they had a disgusting skin on them that made me want to vomit. After I ate a few, I realized I might have to try something different, so I decided to slice the hotdogs up and eat them and the bun separate. This didn’t work as well as I may have wanted it to because, well, I still had to chew and swallow these disgusting tube steaks.

After a break, I decided the only way I could really put a dent in the daunting task of 72 hotdogs, was to channel my inner Joey Chestnut. I was able to scarf down a couple but they weren’t easy, the look in Braden and Bryce’s eyes of disappointment hurt me, not only did I let myself and them down, but I also let down the fans. After a few hours of slow-paced hotdog eating, we decided it wasn’t my day and the guys would use the remaining hotdogs for a hotdog eating contest between them.

Nick and Bryce were easily the best of the bunch, Braden held his own, and Joe was pitiful even though he and the legend share their name, I thought maybe he should have to change his name after the poor effort. After the day was over, I received some well deserved backlash for my poor performance and it upset me. I never want to let you guys down again, so I decided I wanted to do the hotdog challenge again- on my own terms. I want smiths hotdogs or ballpark franks, I want my hotdogs grilled, and I want it to be on a warm summer day with a full 24 hours to eat.

Now, not only will this challenge be attempted (and beat), but I also plan on doing the blazin’ wing challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings and the 24 hour Waffle House challenge, along with some other challenges from the fans. The Waffle House challenge, if you’re not familiar, is to stay in a Waffle House for 24 hours, but, every waffle you eat, you can subtract one hour from the 24.

It is my goal to not let the people down again. I will redeem myself. I will come out on top.

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