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BFB 2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Draft Day is finally here!!! This is my 2nd mock draft for BFB and a lot has changed since the last one. Let’s dive into it!

1. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow – QB – LSU

This pick has been locked in for months. Nothing is changing and Vegas making Burrow -100,000 favorite to be the 1st pick just proves that.

2. Washington Redskins – Chase Young – Edge Rusher – Ohio State

A lot of rumors about the Redskins listening to offers for this pick. I think they end up just staying put and picking Young. He immediately changes their defense.

3. Miami Dolphins (Trade with Lions) – Jedrick Wills – OT – Alabama

I would hate this decision for the Dolphins but I am buying into the rumors they want to jump up to 3, not for a QB, but for an OT. The trade details are similar to my first mock draft. The Dolphins get pick 3 in exchange for pick 5 and 39.

4. New York Giants – Isaiah Simmons – Defense – Clemson

I still have the Giants going with the best player in the class Isaiah Simmons. I think Wills is Gettleman’s target but with him off the board they “settle” for Simmons and his do-it-all talent.

5. Detroit Lions (Trade with Dolphins) – Jeff Okudah – CB – Ohio State

The Lions still get their guy at 5 after trading down 2 spots and picking up an extra 2nd round pick. Okudah is a lock-down corner who would immediately step in and replace Darius Slay.

6. Los Angeles Chargers – Justin Herbert – QB – Oregon

The Chargers can’t pass up taking Herbert after he falls right into their lap. He might not be the starter week 1 but he has a ton of talent and doesn’t carry the health risk that Tua does. This is also a potential spot for an OT.

7. Carolina Panthers – CJ Henderson – CB – Florida

I think CJ is being underrated by most people. He has a lot of talent and has the potential to be a lock-down #1 corner. Also the Panthers desperately need secondary help, not only because their secondary is poor but they also happen to be in the same division as 3 of the best offenses in football.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Trade with Cardinals) – Andrew Thomas – OT – Georgia

Bucs cap off their best off-season in franchise history by trading up and snagging a new franchise OT. The Bucs deal 14, 76 and 2021 4th for pick 8. Thomas is considered the most day 1 ready of the top 4 OTs in this draft. I think he would start week 1 for this team. Keep an eye out for them potentially moving for CJ Henderson as well if he lasts this long.

9. Denver Broncos (Trade with Jaguars) – Tristan Wirfs – OT – Iowa

Another move up for an OT. The Broncos send picks 15, 77, and 178 for pick 9. The Broncos need to help out QB Drew Lock and they do so by adding the freak athlete Wirfs. Most people are assuming the Broncos go WR but I think they look that direction in round 2 instead of round 1.

10. Minnesota Vikings (Trade with Browns) – Derrick Brown – DT – Auburn

The Browns supposedly really want to trade down and are in love with Ezra Cleveland out of Boise State. The Vikings decide to move up 12 picks by trading 22, 58, and 105 for pick 10 and select the best player available. Brown is a full-grown man and made D-1 lineman look downright silly on more than 1 occasion in college. He shouldn’t have been available this long and the Vikings decide to take advantage even if it doesn’t fill a huge need.

11. New York Jets – Mekhi Becton – OT – Louisville

This could be the spot for the first WR to come off the board but I still think the Jets will ultimately go OT in the first and than target WR in round 2. They need to get Darnold as much help as possible and this draft should be strictly dedicated to that.

12. Las Vegas Raiders – Tua Tagovailoa – QB – Alabama

I had the Raiders trading up for Tua in my first mock draft but here I have him falling right into their laps at 12. Like I said prior he seems like the perfect QB for Gruden and they can finally move on from Derek Carr.

13. San Francisco 49ers – Henry Ruggs – WR – Alabama

Same pick as the last mock draft. 49ers want to accumulate more draft picks but I think they will do that by trading down from 31 not 13. With Ruggs on the board they cant pass him up and take the speedster. Would love to see Shanahan with a player like Ruggs in his offense.

14. Arizona Cardinals (Trade with Bucs) – CeeDee Lamb – WR – Oklahoma

The Cardinals were able to trade down a few spots and accumulate some more picks while also being able to still pick up a top 10 player in the draft. While this isn’t a huge need after stealing Deandre Hopkins from the Texans, I would absolutely love to see Lamb join that offense. Kyler would be absolutely dangerous with those weapons around him.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars (Trade with Broncos) – Jerry Jeudy – WR - Alabama

Jags are in the midst of yet another rebuild. After the trade down Jeudy falls right into their lap. Jeudy would be a perfect fit next to DJ Chark. It seems that the Jags are going to truly give Gardner Minshew a chance to be their QB and what better way to help him be successful than to pair him with another elite weapon.

16. Atlanta Falcons – AJ Terrell – CB – Clemson

The Falcons just need defense. This pick could go in a number of directions and the Falcons are also rumored to want to move up but with CJ Henderson off the board earlier than expected they end up staying at 16. I think if they stay put Terrell is a realistic and solid target for them.

17. Dallas Cowboys – K’Lavon Chaisson – Edge Rusher – LSU

The Cowboys stay put and snag an elite, high character athlete. Chaisson has pro-bowl level talent if he can put it all together. I am not even positive he will be around for the Cowboys to take.

18. Miami Dolphins – Jordan Love – QB – Utah State

The Dolphins decided to pass on their QB of the future in the top 5 because they are all about Jordan Love. Michael Lombardi reported on twitter that the Dolphins are big fans of Love. He has a ton of tools but also a lot of work to do in order to succeed in the NFL.

19. Las Vegas Raiders – Justin Jefferson – WR – LSU

My first mock had the Raiders pairing Tua with Jerry Jeudy, this time I have them pairing him with a different SEC WR. Jefferson would be WR1 in a lot of draft classes and the Raiders need a WR with WR1 potential, Jefferson is that guy.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars – Javon Kinlaw – DT – South Carolina

I love Kinlaw and him falling all the way to 20 is completely insane but this draft is so deep that somebody is going to fall further than they should. The Jags are their to pounce on Kinlaw and help rebuild that once elite defense.

21. Philadelphia Eagles – Kenneth Murray – LB – Oklahoma

The Eagles need WRs everyone knows that but they also really need to address the LB position. With the top 4 WRs off the board the Eagles decide to address the latter at 21 and will target WR later in the draft.

22. Cleveland Browns (Trade with Vikings) – Ezra Cleveland – OT – Boise State

I am buying into the hype that the Browns love Cleveland and I think he will be the pick after a trade down assuming the Browns aren’t able to strike a deal for Trent Williams before the draft.

23. New England Patriots – Patrick Queen – LB – LSU

This is probably wishful thinking on my end hoping the Pats stay put and take my personal favorite in the draft. But I do think it is a possibility, Queen may be undersized compared to the LBs Belichick typically likes to draft but he does fill a major position of need for the Patriots.Another reason I think Queen could cause Belichick to go against his typical LB philosophy is that even though he’s“undersized” he is equally good against the run as he is the pass, something that is rare for smaller LBs.

24. New Orleans Saints – Brandon Aiyuk – WR – Arizona State

The Saints do not really have many needs across the board. But one need they do kind of have is a long-term complement to Michael Thomas. Aiyuk is super talented and has been compared by some to Deebo Samuel.

25. Minnesota Vikings – Michael Pittman Jr. – WR – USC

The Vikings need a WR to replace Diggs, if they go into the season with Thielen and Bisi Johnson as the top 2 WRs they are due for disappointment. Pittman is your prototypical outside receiver. He is big and athletic and is great at winning 50/50 balls. He would allow the Vikings to move Thielen into the slot full time, letting him and Irv Smith occupy the middle of the field with Pittman on the outside could be the recipe for the Vikings.

26. Miami Dolphins – Jalen Reagor – WR – TCU

End of the 1st round run on WRs continues with Jalen Reagor. He had a pretty disappointing combine but I still think he might find himself being picked in the end of the 1st round tonight. The Dolphins leave the 1st with a completely revamped offense.

27. New York Giants (Trade with Seahawks) – Josh Jones – OT – Houston

Same as my first mock. After snagging Simmons at 4 the Giants move back into the 1st round to pick up an OT. After the 1st round it gets pretty slim at the position so I see the Giants being aggressive trying to get him if Jones or Jackson are still on the board this late. The Giants trade pick 36 and a 2021 3rd to the Seahawks for this pick.

28. Baltimore Ravens – Yetur Gross-Matos – Edge Rusher – Penn State

The Ravens will eventually move on from Matt Judon whether it is this off season or next. Here they snag his eventual replacement whenever that does happen. The Ravens do great work with edge rushers, they always have, and giving them someone with the tools of Gross-Matos is a perfect match.

29. Tennessee Titans – Isaiah Wilson – OT – Georgia

They lost Jack Conklin in FA to the Browns and currently have Dennis Kelly as the projected RT. Isaiah Wilson hasn’t been heavily mocked in 1st round during the pre-draft process but I think he ends up sneaking into the back end.

30. Green Bay Packers – Denzel Mims – WR – Baylor

Packers still need to find help for Aaron Rodgers beyond Davante Adams. They have failed hard at doing so over the last few years and they are hoping Mims is the end to those struggles.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Trade with 49ers) – Clyde Edwards-Helaire – RB – LSU

The Bucs move up again this time into the back of the 1st round to secure the perfect RB for Tom Brady. The Bucs deal picks 45, 117 and a 2021 3rd round pick, it might seem like the Bucs are mortgaging the future but that’s what they have to do to take advantage of Tom Brady’s final couple years. Edwards-Helaire is slept on in my opinion, because the absolutely loaded LSU offense kind of kept him “hidden”. He is one of the rare RBs that can step right into a 3 down role.

32. Kansas City Chiefs – Jaylon Johnson – CB – Utah

I could very well see the Chiefs being aggressive targeting a specific player in a trade up. Instead here they stay put and take a new starting CB. I fully expect them to try and move up in the 2nd round to add some LB help.

By: Nick Rosen

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