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A True Gem : What is Going on in Bill Walton’s Head?

Bill Walton may be referred to by some as an “Elite Commentator.” Personally, I think Bill Walton is just an absolute nut. This dude has seriously gone off the deep end. If any of you have watched him calling the Pac-12 on ESPN, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Walton has been dominating twitter as of late too. Basketball fans seem to either despise the old legend, or fall in love with it. Walton is truly changing the commentating game – for the better (of entertainment at least). I am going to point out a few hilarious Walton quotes/discussions from the last month…

While commentating the Oregon v. Colorado game last week, Mark Jackson, who was calling the game alongside Walton, was reading off of his notes. Walton shockingly took Jackson’s TV/Game notes and threw them on the court at halftime. He then said a few things like “Come on Mark this is basketball! You’re a basketball guy!” When Jackson replied with a “Well Bill, what about the analytics?” Walton angrily answered “Please. Grab a rebound, make shot, and guard somebody!”

During the same Oregon v. Colorado game, Walton uttered “Wow! Great offensive rebounding here by the Buffaloes! They must’ve eaten some good grass at halftime!” Now, knowing Bill Walton, we can all assume what he’s referring to here. After Jackson went on to ask what kind of ‘grass’ Walton prefers, Bill went into deep detail about Oregon grass and something about chopping firewood…take a listen yourself.

Okay one more. As hard as it is to narrow down just one more of my favorite Bill Walton moments, it just wouldn’t feel right to leave this one off of this list. Back in 2017 while calling a Texas v. Kansas game, Walton literally got shirtless on LIVE TV. Then, he proceeded to put on a shirt that said “Keep Austin Weird.” You just have to see this one for yourself, there isn’t much more to describe it.

Make sure to look up some more funny Bill Walton Moments and share some of yours with us!!!!!

By: Jack Costello

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