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2020 NFL Draft Props

My second piece of NFL Draft content for the BFB is my favorite draft props. The draft is my favorite thing about sports and with absolutely nothing else to gamble on we might as well all win some money! All odds and bets are currently through Bovada, as Fanduel and Draftkings still has not made draft props open in the state of PA. Let’s get into it and win some money!

Nick Rosen

Draft Position Props

- Justin Herbert U 5.5 -120 (3 Units)

o Herbert will be the 2nd QB taken and will be taken 3rd overall in my mind. Even if Herbert does not go 3rd overall I can not imagine him going any later than the Dolphins at 5.

- Josh Jones U 25.5 +100 (1 Unit)

o Jones is the 5th OT in this class according to most of the draft world. Saying someone is the 5th best at his position in a draft makes it seem like going Round 1 may be unlikely but the thing is the top 4 OTs all could be off the board by pick 15, if not earlier. The Dolphins own the 18th pick and have a glaring need at OT after trading away Laremy Tunsil. I think 18 is Jones’s ceiling but even after 18, the Jags at 20 and the Patriots at 23 are possibilities as well as teams trading into the 1st.

- Brandon Aiyuk U 32.5 +105 (2 Units)

o Aiyuk is locked in as a top 20 draft choice almost any other draft. He is a great talent that will go later than he should because of how good this WR class is. Saying that I am confident the NFL sees that he is too talented to get drafted outside of the 1st round. I thinkthe Vikings at pick 22 are a possible match for Aiyuk, but even after the Vikings there are teams littered with WR needs at the end of the 1st that could use a player like Aiyuk.

- CeeDee Lamb O 12.5 +115 (1.5 Units)

o Lamb might be the best WR in this draft. However, I think it is more likely he goes in the middle teens, than he goes in the 8-12 range. I think the Jets go OT at 11. That really just leaves the Raiders at 12 as the team he has to sneak by. And with 3 WRs in this draft all worthy of being labeled the best I like the 2 out of 3 chance that the pick at 12 is not CeeDee.

- Jeff Okudah O 4.5 +120 (2 Units)

o I think the only way this bet misses is if the Lions do not find a trade partner for #3. I can not seeing Gettleman and the Giants taking a CB this early, that completely goes against who he is as a GM. And he clearly isn’t going to go #1 or #2. That just leaves the Lions, and they are practically begging teams to try to trade up to the 3rd pick.

- Jalen Hurts drafted in the 1st round +450 (.75 Units)

o If you read my mock draft, at pick 32 you saw me write in the description that this may be a trade up spot to take Jalen Hurts. Since the mock had been posted the buzz has only been building that Jalen may sneak into round 1. Friday the 17th Ben Standing of The Athletic, posted an updated rumor report regarding the draft and sure enough he mentioned that the buzz seems to be growing around Jalen. I think +450 might not be around for long, jump on it while you can.

Players Drafted by Position

- First OL drafted Jedrick Wills Jr. +160 (1.5 Units)

o Wills has rapidly been rising in Vegas’s eyes. When I first decided to write this post a little over a week ago Wills was +350. The value at +160 is still good in my opinion and worthy of putting some money on.

- First WR drafted Henry Ruggs +333 (.75 Units)`

o I was lucky enough to lock in this bet a few weeks ago at +500. Today it is down to +333 but I still like the value. I think Ruggs will go 13 to SF and I think with how deep the WR class is that very well could beenough to be the first WR.

- 2nd Offensive Player drafted Justin Herbert +500 (2 Units)

o Herbert will be the 2nd offensive player drafted. I still think the Lions move off of 3 and a team moves up to get Herbert. I am confident he will be the second QB off the board and the second offensive player drafted.

- First TE drafted Adam Trautman +550 (.5 Units)

o This TE class is pretty mediocre, there are a lot of intriguing mid-round prospects but there is no clear cut #1. Cole Kmet out of Notre Dame is the consensus top TE in the draft but I think Trautman is right behind him. Getting Trautman at +550 feels like a steal as I could easily see a team falling in love with his all-around game.

Other Props

- Alabama 1st round picks U 5.5 -155 (2 Units)

o Every year it feels like Alabama is the leading school for 1st round picks, they may very well lead in that category again this year but 5.5 is a lot of 1st rounders, lets break it down. Tua, Ruggs, Jeudy and Jedrick Wills are all 1st round locks, in fact they are all probably top 15 locks. After that it really gets shaky, Xavier McKinney is someone a lot of people have in the 1st round (myself included) but I do not think he is guaranteed to go round 1, Trevon Diggs is a talented corner that a team may fall in love with but I feel his range is more middle of the 2nd currently. Terrell Lewis is a guy who suffered 2 big injuries in college and even though the potential is there I can not see a team take him in Round 1. Basically all of that sums to this. I am willing to bet -150 odds that at least 1 of Xavier McKinney or Trevon Diggs aren’t 1st round picks.

- Safeties drafted in the 1st U 1.5 -150 (2 Units)​

o As mentioned above Xavier McKinney is a solid safety and very well could be a 1st round pick. After that it slims out very quick. No one else is generating 1st round buzz at the position right now and as I said even McKinney isn’t a lock to go round 1.

- New England Patriots 1st pick is Offense -105 (1 Unit)

o This would mark the 4th consecutive 1st round pick the Patriots have spent on offense (N’Keal Harry in 2019, Isaiah Wynn and Sony Michel in 2018). But the Patriots still desperately need young talent on offense. Harry is coming off a disappointing rookie season. Wynn has been injured more than he’s been healthy since being drafted and of course their starting QB isn’t going to be Tom Brady for the first time since 2001. I could keep going but the point is the Patriots could use some talent almost everywhere on offense. I probably like this better if the Pats end up trading out of round 1 and they snag a WR or TE in the 2nd with their first pick but even if they stay put WR or OL is completely reasonable.

- 1st round picks Georgia vs. Auburn, Georgia -.5 +100 (1.5 Units)

o Auburn has 1 1st round lock, Derrick Brown, and 1 that may potentially sneak into the end of the 1st, Marlon Davidson. Georgia in my mind has 1 lock as well, Andrew Thomas, as well as 2 other players who could very well go in the 1st, Isaiah Wilson and D’Andre Swift. I personally can’t see Davidson going round 1 which basically makes this bet that 1 of Isaiah Wilson or D’Andre Swift go in the 1st at even money. I like those odds.

- Philadelphia Eagles 1st pick is Defense +180 (.5 Units)

o Everyone has the Eagles going WR at 21 (myself included). But in my mock draft I also stated the potential that the Eagles go defense at 21 and decide to wait on a WR since this class is so incredible. I think +180 is good value for something like that happening.

- Burrow, Young, Herbert are the first 3 picks +325 (1.5 Units)

o Burrow and Young are locks to go 1 and 2. Herbert I still think ends up going 3 to a team who strikes a deal with the Lions. As Lions GM Bob Quinn said Friday, they are open to moving down from 3. In my opinion it seems like he is trying to generate as much interest as possible in the 3rd pick before they end up accepting the best offer on the table come draft night.

- Round first kicker is drafted = 4th round +550 (.25 Units)

o This is really just a fun bet that I am throwing out there. Saying that I still think it does have serious chances of happening. The Patriots need a new kicker, they drafted their old kicker in the 4th round way back in 2006. On top of that they have a 5th round punter and a 5th round long snapper on their roster currently. Basically the Pats invest in Special Teams more than any other team in the NFL and I wouldn’t be shocked to see them take a kicker in round 4.

- Las Vegas Raiders draft Tua Tagovailoa +700 (1 Unit)

o I think Tua ends up falling enough to let Gruden and Mayock make their move to get THEIR franchise QB(Finally!). I for one am getting sick of the rumors every year that the Raiders are not happy with Derek Carr. Tua fits the Gruden mold in my mind, high character player that is accurate and can make plays with his feet. It is a shame when I first started looking at props for this post, this exact bet was +1600 and it dropped dramatically pretty quick.

I hope you enjoyed this piece I put together for y’all. The draft is a very fluid process that changes by the day, so these odds I have in this article might not be the exact same you will find them at.Saying the draft is fluid also means thoughts and ideas about players can change pretty quick based on info leaked to the media. These props are all based on current knowledge as of April 17th and while I feel confident in my ability to project things I also want to give the fair warning that things can change very quickly when you get this close to the draft. Please keep an eye out as I will update as Fanduel and other Sportsbook’s add their draft props closer to the draft. Good luck and lets win some money!! Thanks again for reading!!

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